We designed Escuela's logo as a thriving organic eco system. It utilizes a custom hand-drawn font to underscore a focus on individuality. The primary tagline supports the school's nurturing brand ethos. 

Escuela del Sol Montessori

Albuquerque, NM 

Escuela del Sol Montessori offers children an amazing holistic learning environment. It's rooted in an approach that individualizes student's needs and activates curiosity and love of learning. 

After 30 years of building a successful elementary program, the school came to realize it wanted to better define and present their message internally, and find new and more effective ways to engage the community. That's when they partnered with Ripe.

Marketing  communications

A highly functional marketing system was created utilizing a combination of black on kraft templates for easy, low-cost in-house printing of everyday materials, plus full color pieces for more formal presentations with a longer shelf life. The solution supports their earth-friendly focus and offers endless flexibility. 

Escuela del Sol Montessori school website design

“The most valuable part of the process was (and continues to be) in the area of professional development for our faculty and staff. It is invaluable for employees to understand the need for consistent brand messaging and how they are involved in expressing those messages and the brand of our organization.”

— Friedje vanGils, Executive Director, Escuela del Sol Montessori 


Escuela del Sol Montessori school logo design
Escuela del Sol Montessori school Stationery design

Brand messaging

The logo design was expanded into a complete set of custom bugs (and flowers, fruit, birds, etc.) which are used throughout the communications system. These critters are also paired with brand messaging that helps to educate the community about Montessori methods, terms and tools.

Escuela del Sol montessori school brand messaging and icon design
Escuela del Sol montessori school Marketing Material
Escuela del Sol Montessori School Print Ad Campaign, Albuquerque NM
Escuela del Sol Montessori elementary school seed packet design
Escuela del Sol montessori elementary school Campus Expansion plan design

programs & events


The branding elements were integrated into the website design, along with many functionality features: password protected e-classrooms, dynamic content, fully editable CMS, and multi-view calendar. The website has proven to be the most effective recruiting tool to date.

Escuela del Sol elementary school TV ad design


The visual branding and educational messaging are the basis for a multi-media campaign including; print ads, direct mail, billboards, bus boards and an animated tv spot.

Escuela del Sol montessori school banner design
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