CNM Community college

Albuquerque, NM 

For 50 years CNM has been instrumental in strengthening our community. They're forward thinking and acting, helping people "step up" their game, career, business, and life. We were honored to help them express this message with an anniversary branding campaign.

branding Campaign concept

The idea of advancement and moving forward is further expanded in the brand messaging concept and imagery. The campaign pairs words with "Up" as headlines that support programming, activities and general communications; e.g., Ramp Up, Heads Up, Thumbs Up, Start Up, Next Up, Sign Up, etc. The imagery focuses on the anticipated results of a student's education, and the arrows are used to create patterns and shapes that support the subject.

campaign branding strategy

We designed the framework for building out the CNM 50th Anniversary Branding campaign concept into print, web, environmental and promotional items throughout the year.

CNM 50th anniversary logo design
CNM 50th Anniversary t-shirt and pin design
CNM 50th Environmental Design community college
CNM 50th anniversary environmental wayfinding branding
CNM 50th branding concept and graphic design, Albuquerque, NM

Post anniversary branding strategy

Thinking past the anniversary year, we mapped out the designs for integrating the "Up" campaign into all aspects of the college branding and marketing.

CNM 50th anniversary marketing materials and graphic design
CNM community college banner design, Allbuquerque, nm
CNM 50th e-news template design
CNM mobile website design, website design and e-news design
CNM 50th  branding and catalog design
CNM 50th design and branding marketing materials
CNM 50th Parking Permit design and layout
CNM community college Banner design
CNM Connect Desk banner design


The anniversary logo incorporates new styling of CNM's arrow element to emphasize a progressive, forward-thinking approach. The shower of arrows acts as celebratory confetti and conveys a focus on the future.

The "what's next..." tagline supports CNM's focus on constantly evolving programming, resources and activities to meet the needs of the community. It also reminds New Mexico's youth to think about the future.

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