Innovative, dependable, 
solutions and "absolute assurance" are what Bridgers & Paxton's clients experience, and this is what we focused on expressing in the new identity.

Accompanied by a system
of service icons that act as
a visual reminder of their
diverse expertise.

Bridgers & Paxton

Albuquerque, NM 

This regional engineering firm has a reputation for excellence, but their 30 year old identity did not. Ripe was hired to help clarify what makes them special, and  translate those attributes into an exciting new branding system.

Bridgers & Paxton MEP Engineers Logo

branding concept

Engineering is all about precision. But Bridgers & Paxton think it's also about the people who ultimately live in the spaces they help create. This vision is integrated into the design of the branding system, where silhouettes of the people are used as windows to display their work. 

Bridgers & Paxton business card design
Bridgers & Paxton MEP service icon design
Bridgers & Paxton MEP Engineers branded shirt
Bridgers & Paxton Engineering Branding Concept
Bridgers & Paxton Marketing Materials Branding  System

branding strategy

The framework for building
the Bridgers & Paxton branding system includes integrating the concept into print, web, signage and promotional items. 

Bridgers & Paxton MEP Engineers Digital design


Innovative, dependable solutions and absolute assurance are what clients of Bridgers & Paxton experience, and is what is expressed in their new identity.

Accompanied by a system of service icons that act as a visual reminder of their diverse expertise.

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