We designed ACC's logo as a hand but also a wheel in motion, symbolizing both the mobile aspect of their service and the personal attention they deliver. A strong tagline also helps get the message across.

ACC Health

Albuquerque, NM 

ACC Health specialize in mobile dental and medical care, with a strong focus on "compassion" in all they do. To stand out from competitors we helped them identify and leverage this unique and authentic advantage through branding. 

ACC Health logo for mobile dental and medical care

branding system

Moving away from industry-standard, aggressive imagery of open-mouthed patients gagging on dental instruments, prisoners behind bars, and soldiers in active combat, we took a more compassion-centered approach and created a branding system that highlights the positive impact good health has on ACC's different audiences. The system is developed much like product line packaging with color coding and audience specific imagery and messaging.

ACC Health dental and medical stationery design
ACC Health dental and medical scrubs branding

branding strategy

ACC's branding system is fully integrated into all print, web, tradeshow graphics, signage, videos, and even vehicle wraps. More importantly, "compassion" is at the forefront of every employee's mind. 

ACC Health website design, e-news templates, branding for mobile dental care
ACC Health mobile dental care marketing materials
ACC Health mobile dental care vehicle wraps

branding in action

“We had put off making the investment of branding and I can honestly say I wish we had done it sooner. RIPE gave our team clarity on who we are and what makes us different and superior to our competitors.  RIPE has fit right in and I see them as a critical piece of our ongoing success.” 

— Ginny Berger, CEO, ACC Health 


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