may 2015

ABQ latest city to host Monthly CreativeMornings

Creative Mornings interview

CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types with numerous chapters around the world. Described as "TED for Design Wonks" by Wired, CreativeMornings (CM) was founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg in New York City as a way to bring together local creative communities. The events, which occur once a month in numerous cities around the world, include free breakfast, a 20 minute talk, and Q&A. Sounds wonderful, right? So how did Albuquerque get picked become a CreativeMornings city? The formula, according to Eisenberg, rests on getting good people. "Each chapter is championed by an amazing, local organizer, and we've been so lucky that through our communities and application process, the right people just seem to bubble up.” 


Any city seeking to become a CreativeMornings venue needs an individual to step up and be the CM host who can not only put the time in (approx. 40 hours per month) but also assemble a team of volunteers to create a video and essay application. Once the application is submitted it is assessed and judged by CreativeMornings HQ. 


The individual who “bubbled up” in Albuquerque was the wonderful Miss Roxanne Blair, Program Director for Creative Startups. Roxanne assembled a cute, quirky and creative team of individuals to make a video and essay worthy of telling Albuquerque’s unique story in a compelling and authentic way. Photography/videography group, JAK Media and 

pensmiths/podcasters/progressive thinkers, Humbird NM did just that. Even Ripe's very own Len Romano was one of the interviewees for the video and, despite his appearance, the entire application was successful. As a result, Albuquerque (and Santa Fe) joined cities around the globe, from Aarhus to Zurich, in becoming a CreativeMornings chapter. Hooray! Sign up here > and spend an hour a month keeping up with what’s hot, happening and hip in your creative community. Oh, and please check out the beautiful video that made it all possible. 






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